Recent MA graduates and Thesis Topics

Fall 2013:

Shae Adams, “Identity in Black and White: Indian Boarding School Postcards”
Advisor Prof. Terry Bouton

Dorothy Alexander, “Hilltop:  A Historic African-American Community”
Advisor: Prof. Denise Meringolo

William J Carroll, “Beer Wars:  The Fight for Independent Brewing in Baltimore”
Advisor: Prof. Denise Meringolo

Theresa Donnelly, “George Washington’s Laboring Women:   The Work and Lives of the Enslaved Female Field Workers at Mount Vernon,  1785-1787”
Advisor: Prof. Marjoleine Kars

Karl Dotterweich, “’And the Hand of the Lord Was With Them’:  The Effects of Planters’ Socioeconomic Status on the Capital Trials of Enslaved Africans in Colonial Maryland, 1729-1775”
Advisor: Prof. Marjoleine Kars

 Gary McMullin, “Country First:  African Colonization and the Role of Southern Unionists, 1817-1862”
Advisor: Prof. Anne Sarah Rubin

Spring 2013:

Mia Brown, “Lyndon Johnson and the Race for Peace: The 1967 Outer Space Treaty” Advisor: Dr. Joseph Tatarewicz

Dominique L. Covino,  “‘In Great Danger of Perishing Through Poverty’: Kinship, Charity and Public Poor Relief in Somerset County, Maryland, 1665-1760″
Advisor: Dr. Marjoleine Kars

Jenny Lee Hansen, “Genocide: What Genocide?”
Advisor: Dr. Meredith Oyen

Elizabeth Pente – “Death for Dishonor in Danville”
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Scott

Johanna Schein – “Heeding Hetch Hetchy: A Public History Project”
Advisor: Dr. Denise Meringolo

Amy Zanoni – “‘Working on Many Levels’: A History of Second-Wave Feminism in Baltimore”
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Scott

Four students will pursue further graduate studies in Fall 2013:

Mia Brown has received a fellowship from the Space Policy Institute to pursue a Masters degree in International Science and Technology Policy at The George Washington University.

Dominique Covino will attend Purdue University on a university-wide Ross fellowship, which provides one year of support from the Graduate School and three more years of support from the History department to pursue a Ph.D. in History

Elizabeth Pente received a 3-year PhD studentship in Public History at the University of Huddersfield in the UK.  She will be working on a project about imagining communities, and particularly how a ‘sense of history’ encourages civic engagement. 

Amy Zanoni has received a five-year “Excellence Package” and a Humanities Grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as a first year supplement, to study for a Ph.D. in Gender and Women’s History at Rutgers University.

August 2012:

Kellian Kennedy, “The Civil Rights and Social Justice Movement in Baltimore, Maryland”
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Scott

Fall 2012:

Brigette N. Cascio, “The More Personal Civil War: The Impact of the Civil War on Marriages”
Advisor: Dr. Anne Rubin

Meghan Colabella, “Beyond its Southern Border: An Examination of U.S. Immigration Policies (IRLA) and Mexican Migration”
Advisor: Dr. Meredith Oyen