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Affiliated Programs

Africana Studies

Asian Studies (major, minor, and certificate)

The Asian Studies Program at UMBC invites you to explore the history, culture, languages and literatures, societies, politics, economics, philosophy, art and music of Asia. Close to twenty faculty members and language instructors offer students the opportunity to follow an interdisciplinary course of study towards a Major, a Minor, or a Certificate.

Gender and Women’s Studies

History/Social Studies Education (K-12 Teaching)

History/Social Studies Education (teaching secondary education)
The Department of History offers a program for history majors who wish to become certified to teach history/social studies at the secondary level.  This program has been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.  Students must complete the requirements of the history major described above.  In addition, students must be admitted to and complete UMBC’s secondary education certification program.  Upon successful completion of coursework in the History and Education departments, and completion of student teaching, students are recommended for teacher certification in the state of Maryland.
As part of their elective history courses, students should take:
* HIST 342 The American Revolution
* HIST 347 The United States since 1945
Additionally, students are required to take supplementary social studies courses:
* ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics or
* ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics
* GEOG ___ An introductory geography course
* POLI 100 American Government and Politics
For up-to-date information on courses in teacher education required by the State of Maryland, students should see an advisor in the UMBC Department of Education.

Human Context of Science and Technology


Humanities Scholars Program

The Humanities Scholars Program is for talented students with strong intellectual abilities who are passionate about pursuing the study of literature, history, philosophy,  language, and culture. At UMBC, Humanities scholars study the great thinkers of the past and present in light of modern scientific discoveries, popular culture, and current social issues. Scholars discover rich cultural traditions through local community exploration and a semester abroad. Graduates of the program go on to graduate and professional schools and careers in fields such as publishing, law, teaching, business, public services, and medicine.  For more information, contact Dr. Ana Oskoz at

Judaic Studies

Language Literacy and Culture (LLC)

Martha Ross Center for Oral History

School of Public Policy

Religious Studies (minor)


Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program

The Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program supports talented undergraduates aspiring to careers in service of the public interest in government, non-profit organizations, corporations, and the community. Sondheim Scholars understand and address the urgent social problems of American cities and communities.

UMBC Honors College