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Why Study History?

The UMBC history major and minor are excellent preparations for careers in government service, education, business, communications, and management. History gradates have skills in research, writing, and analysis valued by employers. History’s investigative and analytical skills also prepare students for law school, graduate school, or other professional programs. Visit the department’s Alumni page to learn about some of our graduates.

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned an academic adviser from the department’s faculty upon declaring history as a major or minor. Students may also request to be assigned to a particular faculty member. Upon initial assignment of an adviser, students are sent a copy of the Guide for UMBC History Majors and Minors, as well as information on careers for history majors. Advisees are urged to consult with their advisers, and to take part in activities of the Student History Council, which holds meetings on jobs and careers as part of its activities.

Internship Opportunities

Internships complement academic training and expose students to valuable and practical new experiences by providing instruction beyond the classroom. Hands-on training under the close tutelage of a mentor helps shape personal, educational and professional goals. Internships afford students the opportunity to meet with proven leaders in their fields, establishing valuable contacts and networking opportunities vital to a future career. Internship experience also enhances the curriculum vitae and/or resume, strengthening a prospective job applicant’s qualifications. Upon successful completion of an internship many supervisors provide effective letters of recommendation. In some cases, internships lead to full time positions within the organization. The Baltimore-Washington area offers unique opportunities for internships unmatched anywhere else in the United States. Institutions featuring local and broader topics in art, media, education, museums, government service, libraries and archives are readily accessible to UMBC students. Undergraduate students may earn academic credit for internships through HIST 391. ┬áTo find current internship opportunities, click on the Careers/Internship link on the History homepage.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid information is available from the UMBC Financial Aid Office (410-455-2387). History majors are good fits for the also Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars and Humanities Scholars programs in the freshman year.

Evening and Part-Time Options

The Department of History is interested in serving part-time and non-traditional students. Required courses and selected elective courses are offered in the late afternoon, evening, and during the summer and winter special sessions. It should be noted, however, that some elective courses are not offered at those times.