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Christy Ford Chapin

Ford Chapin

Christy Ford Chapin, Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Virginia)

Christy Ford Chapin is an assistant professor of twentieth-century political history. Her interests include political, business, and economic history as well as capitalism studies. As a graduate student, Chapin won numerous awards including a Miller Center for Public Affairs Fellowship and a John E. Rovensky Fellowship in American Business and Economic History. Chapin has published articles in Studies in American Political Development and the Journal of Policy History. Her book, Ensuring America’s Health: The Public Creation of the Corporate Health Insurance System, was published by Cambridge University Press in summer 2015.  Prof. Chapin is now at work on a new project, “The U.S. Economy and the Emergence of Financial Capitalism.”  To hear an interview with her about her book and health policy, click here.

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