Internship Stipend Application

UMBC’s History Department’s Internship Stipend provides funding for undergraduate students who have secured unpaid internships at public history organizations (or other relevant institutions). Funds are available to award up to 5 stipends a year.


Students need to be enrolled in the History major or public history minor to apply. The application is open to students of all class years, although preference is given to sophomores and above. Funds can not be applied to an internship experience that would take place after a student has graduated. The award is not available to interns who are already being paid by their sponsoring organization. Prior recipients of the award are not eligible for a second round of funding.

Compensation and Course Enrollment

Stipends for selected interns will be up to a maximum of $1500 for a full-time internship (smaller stipends may be available for part-time internships). Students who receive the award must enroll in three credits of HIST 391, either in the spring or fall semester that they are doing their internship, or for a summer internship, in the following fall semester. Students are expected to work at least 120 hours. The full internship course requirements are described here.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by a faculty selection committee looking for exceptional ability and commitment, excellent academic record, pronounced interest in/knowledge of the relevant career path, strong oral and written communication skills, demonstrated maturity, and reliability. The committee will notify students before the internship semester begins.

For more information about securing an internships or questions about the application process please contact:

Dr. Melissa Blair

Fine Arts, Room 524

Application Instructions

A completed application includes:

  1. A “Letter of Interest” that describes, in some detail, your strengths, interests, and experiences. Be sure to explain how the internship will help you to achieve your goals, your career aspirations, and how they connect to your academic work.
  2. The names and contact information for two references (one of which must be UMBC History department faculty).

All material can be submitted via this Google form.

Application due dates: May 15 for a summer internship; August 15 for a fall internship; January 15 for a spring internship.