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Melissa Blair – Ph.D., University of Delaware
Public History, Architectural History

Rebecca Boehling – Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor, and Director of Global Studies and Director of Judaic Studies
Modern Germany, Jewish History

Terry Bouton – Ph.D., Duke University
Associate Professor
American Revolution, Early National U.S.

Kate Brown – Ph.D., University of Washington
Soviet Union, Transnational, Environmental

Scott E. Casper – Ph.D., Yale University
Professor and Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Nineteenth-Century U.S., Cultural

Christy Ford Chapin – Ph.D., University of Virginia
Associate Professor and Affiliate Faculty in Public Policy, on research leave 2017-2018
Political Economy, Capitalism Studies, U.S. 20th century

Amy Froide – Ph.D., Duke University
Chair, Professor, Affiliate Faculty in GWST and LLC
Early Modern Britain, Women’s and Gender

James Grubb – Ph.D., University of Chicago
Professor, no teaching duties Fall 2018
Early Modern Italy, Renaissance, Art History

Marjoleine Kars – Ph.D., Duke University
Associate Professor and Affiliate Faculty in GWST, LLC, and Public Policy, on research leave 2018-2019
Early Americas, Atlantic World, Slavery, Gender

Susan McDonough – Ph.D., Yale University
Associate Professor and Affiliate Faculty in GWST
Medieval Mediterranean, Sexuality, Law

Denise Meringolo – Ph.D., George Washington University
Associate Professor and Director of Public History
Public History, U.S. 20th century

George Derek Musgrove – Ph.D., New York University
Associate Professor, on sabbatical Fall 2018
U.S. 20th century, Politics

Andrew Nolan – Ph.D., University of Illinois
Senior Lecturer and Director of UMBC History Program at Universities at Shady Grove
U.S. 20th century, Constitutional, Legal, Race

Meredith Oyen – Ph.D., Georgetown University
Associate Professor and Affiliate Faculty in Asian Studies and in Public Policy,
U.S. Foreign Relations, China, Transnational Migration
Director, Asian Studies Program

Daniel Ritschel – D. of Phil., Oxford University
Associate Professor and Affiliate Faculty in Public Policy
Modern Britain, Economic Policy

Anne Sarah Rubin – Ph.D., University of Virginia
Professor, Associate Director IRC
U.S. Civil War, Digital

Michelle Scott – Ph.D., Cornell University
Associate Professor and Affiliate Faculty in GWST, LLC, and Africana Studies
U.S. 20th century, Music, African American History

Nianshen Song – Ph.D., University of Chicago
Assistant Professor and Affiliate Faculty in Asian Studies
Chinese, Inter-Asian, and Transnational History

Constantine Vaporis – Ph.D., Princeton University
Professor, Affiliate Faculty in Asian Studies and GWST
Early Modern Japan, East Asia, Asian Studies