Undergraduate Program

The UMBC Department of History boasts an award winning faculty who work closely with students to hone their skills as researchers, analysts and writers. Though we are productive researchers and active in our professional associations, we know that a faculty member’s first duty is to their students. In our classes, students study a range of topics, issues, and time periods, with particular focus on Public History, Global History, Political and Policy History, and the History of Inequality and Justice. Just as importantly, students learn the skills and methodologies that are central to the discipline. Whether non-majors taking a single history course or majors working on an honors thesis, in our courses students learn how to find sources that give us insight about the past, how to critically analyze those sources, and how to compose texts that make clear and convincing arguments for diverse audiences. It is no surprise, then, that upon graduation our majors have gone on to a broad diversity of jobs both inside and outside the discipline that value these skills, including lawyer, secondary school teacher, congressional staffer and, of course, historian.

The Department offers an undergraduate Major (including History / Social Studies Education and Pre-Law) and several undergraduate Minors (in History, Public History, and East Asian History). Undergraduates who complete at least 60 credits may qualify for the Accelerated Bachelors / Master’s Program.


Department Chair
Dr. Amy Froide
Office: 513 Fine Arts Building
Telephone: 410-455-2033
Email: froide@umbc.edu

Department Administrative Assistant
Carla Ison
Office: 505 Fine Arts Building
Telephone: 410-455-2049
Email: ison@umbc.edu