Research and Travel Funding

The UMBC Graduate Student Association provides professional development and research grants to all graduate students. Interested students can apply for funding on a monthly basis throughout the year – applications are due on the 15th of each month.  Students must apply for funding at least one month before they hope to use the funds or their application will be considered late – so apply as early as possible!  All applications are reviewed by the GSA’s Grant Review Panel using their Points of Policy.  Please review these criterion to ensure that your application is successful.

The History Department provides supplemental funding for research expenses (scanning, photocopying, purchase of materials, hiring of research help, etc.) and/or research related travel expenses (to visit archives, interview subjects, etc.) for M.A. in Historical Studies program students. Students may apply for a maximum of $500 per year. This funding is not intended to support travel to conferences, which is available from the Graduate Student Association.

Applicants for History Department supplemental funding must be in good standing in the Historical Studies MA program.  To apply for the funding they must:

  • Write a brief letter to the Graduate Program Director including:
    • A short explanation of their proposed research and/or travel and
      • If requesting funds for travel, the student must put in an eTravel request before submitting their application to the Historical Studies program and include the eTravel number with the application. The Graduate Program Administrative Assistant can help you with this part of the process.
    • A detailed proposed budget of their expenses and the funding they expect to receive from the Graduate Student Association and the Historical Studies program.
  • The above described letter should be accompanied by a letter from the student’s thesis advisor supporting the applicant’s plan and budget.

Students must apply for supplemental funding at least 30 days ahead of the time when they will need the money.  Students must submit receipts for all of their expenses to secure reimbursement.

Applications should be submitted to the Graduate Program Director for consideration by the Graduate Committee.