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George Derek Musgrove

Derek Musgrove

George Derek Musgrove, Associate Professor (Ph.D. New York University)

Professor Musgrove teaches courses in Post-WWII United States History with an emphasis on African American politics. He is the author of Rumor, Repression, and Racial Politics: How the Harassment of Black Elected Officials Shaped Post-Civil Rights America (University of Georgia Press, 2012) and a number of popular and scholarly articles on post-civil rights era black politics. He is finishing a history of race and democracy in Washington, DC with his good friend Chris Myers Asch.   In Fall 2016, he will on fellowship leave to work on his new project, “The Black Nationalist Resurgence and the Changing Nature of Black Protest in the Post-Civil Rights Period.” Find more information on his website

Office: 509 Fine Arts Building
Contact: 410-455-2044 |