Nicholas Bonneau

Nicholas E. Bonneau, Visiting Lecturer (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame)

Professor Bonneau teaches courses in histories of science, medicine, and public health as well as in the Human Context of Science and Technology (HCST) program. His research uses quantitative methods to explore the cultural and demographic legacies of Atlantic World epidemics circa 1500-1850. A wide variety of institutions, including the National Science Foundation, the American Antiquarian Society, the Massachusetts Historical Society, and the Congregational Library and Archives, have provided financial support for his work. He was the 2016-17 Carpenter Fellow in Early American Religious Studies at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania where he remains a research associate. He is currently working on a book based on his dissertation, “Unspeakable Loss: New England’s Invisible Throat Distemper Epidemics, 1735-1775.”  Dr. Bonneau is also a practitioner in the field of public history and has contributed to the exhibit Spit Spreads Death: The Influenza Pandemic of 1919–19 in Philadelphia, which opened at the Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia in October 2019.

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