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John Jeffries


JohnJeffries-200John W. Jeffries, Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (Ph.D. Yale University)

Dean Jeffries specializes in twentieth-century America and American political and policy history. His distinguished teaching has earned him designation as a UMBC Presidential Teaching Professor and gained him a University of Maryland Regents Award for Teaching Excellence. Professor Jeffries is also a member of the Policy Sciences Graduate Program faculty. He is the author of articles and books on the politics and policy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt era and on the World War II American home front, including Testing the Roosevelt Coalition and Wartime America: The World War II Home Front. He is editor of the 1929-1945 volume of the Encyclopedia of American History (2003, 2nd edition 2009). His new book, A Third Term for FDR: The Election of 1940, will be published early in 2017. Dr. Jeffries is an Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer for 2004-2019.