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Dr. Barry Lanman


Dr. Barry A. Lanman is the Director of the Martha Ross Center for Oral History at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Concurrently, he is the past-director of the Consortium of Oral History Educators, historian for the Distinguished Flying Cross Society, an oral history consultant/interviewer and specialist in the field of oral history as an educational methodology. Dr. Lanman has authored numerous articles, pamphlets and books in the fields of education and history. He has also written and produced historical media presentations and wrote an educational component for the television series The Promised Land.

Barry A. Lanman received his doctorate from Temple University, served as the first chair of the Oral History Association’s Committee on Education and is a founder and past-president of Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The Former Members of Congress named Dr. Lanman as its educator-historian for 1984. He has also received the Judith Ruchkin Research Award and the Forrest Pogue History Award.